15 Quick Facts On Sejusa Or If You Like, Tinyefuza

15 Quick Facts On Sejusa Or If You Like, Tinyefuza

A much younger tinyefuza in Gulu a few weeks after NRA's Takeover
A much younger tinyefuza in Gulu a few weeks after NRA’s Takeover
  1. He is not under arrest – not just as yet atleast. Sources in his home and even his lawyers say he is still in his house after meeting with former Army commander General Elly Tumwine.
  2. He can be arrested by any other ranking officer – even a private – if the charges against him include treason and desertion. Don’t buy that line of only a general can arrest him. But knowing the Ugandan army and the decency they accord soldiers, it will be a high ranking soldier to do it – if it happens, that is.
  3. He is in talks with Museveni. YES. On many things. He was invited to Rwakitura on 2nd January to have a chat which he turned down and set conditions for it to happen. It is these conditions that General Elly Tumwine had come to meet with him about at his home in Naguru.
  4. His home is surrounded by soldiers. Many of them by the way. On the outside, about 20 military police guards are patrolling and another six are manning his gate. On the inside, – though I haven’t been in – he told his lawyers there were up to 35 soldiers. Which might be true. Yesterday, a truckload of them was seen getting into his house. A certain captain Agaba is the one stationed at the home to take and implement orders from General Elly Tumwine who is the overall commander of the operation.
  5. He is a member of the military high command – till he dies or till we amend the act. Sejusa – reffered to as Tinyefuza then, in 1986 joined the high command and was later christened there by the UPDF act in 2005. Him, together with 4 others are life long members. Brigadier Kategaya was the sixth but he passed on.
  6. He has applied to be retired from the army. He sent the letter and it was received by the chairman of the promotions and retirement board General Katumba Wamala on the 30th of December 2014. Him and Elly Tumwine are the only historical fighters on the high command that have not yet retired from the army.
  7. He previously was the co-ordinator of intelligence services, an office that wasn’t recognized in the army but under the President’s office. His job there was to co-ordinate intelligence between the ISO and ESO. Due to the rogue nature of intelligence dissemination, he accessed most of it from the military high command and never through his office. Infact, former workers at the office say no file of intelligence was ever copied to their office.
  8. He authored a dossier – yes, everyone knows that atleast – calling for an investigation into the alleged assassination of senior members of the country like Amama and Nyakairima due to their opposition to a succession plan of the president. While the army received and sat on the document, they also sealed off two media houses purpoted to have the document and recovered it from them. Two years on, Amama has been dropped as PM and Aronda has been transferred from top army  leadership.
  9. Oh he is a fighter!  In the bush in 1984, he challenged Museveni over a directive that disallowed women from sharing a camp with men soldiers. He called the President a ‘dictator and a coward who favours his own’. Tinyefuza  threatened the president and it is said and written too, that Museveni started walking around with a pistol after this challenge. He was in the following weeks incarcerated by the NRA. He was called back to re-inforce the mobile brigade of the NRA after Saleh had been shot. In his first battle at Katiti, he was also shot and injured and was taken back into his prison life, it is these injuries he complains about in his retirement application. He got out to command the 150th Battalion that manned the larger western axis that had Fortportal, Kamwenge, Kasese and Mbarara.
  10. He is a trained lawyer. At the time he joined the bush, he had attained all education required to be a lawyer and had joined the police force for a short stint. He fled to join NRA due to fear that he would be nabbed by state agencies and tortured. True to word, while still at Makerere, he had been arrested twice and beaten at Makindye barracks, a place where he might serve his prison time if arrested.
  11. He was the 31st recruit of the NRA under the number RO 031. Even then, he had joined the bush on a prior understanding with Museveni and he was immediately promoted to the army high command in the bush. This angered Jim Muhwezi, with whom they have never reconciled to date.
  12. That beard of his, yes the same one with Koreta, Late Kazini and Jeje Odong, was adapted from their mentor in the Bush, Late Brigadier Chef Ali. Chef Ali had a strong intelligence network and inorder for them to identify each other easily, they were supposed to cut their beard that way. Chef Ali died in 1997 under unclear circumstances though the govt termed them natural. He was the force that commanded the takeover of the powerful Katyushya gunship and later the seal off of Western Uganda. Prior to joining NRA, Chef Ali had a private militia that had started rebellion in the West.
  13.  He is a relative to the President. The two share a lot in common, they both love cows.
  14. A week before leaking the controversial dossier, Tinyefuza changed his name to Sejusa, a luganda word to mean ‘ I don’t regret’.
  15. He is 61 years of age, at his rank, an officer can retire volutarily after attaining the age of 65. He thus is still 4 years away from the recommended age of retirement.
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