Challenge Namunagani…

Challenge Namunagani…


When I started the conversation about blogs in Uganda and how inactive they had become lately, I hadn’t written on mine for over a month – well technically not because I have a post calling on people to attend a charity fundraising event – but you get the general consensus, I hadn’t written in a long time!

Together with me are a string of Ugandan bloggers whose blog sites had crawling roaches of August posts, cobweb redundancies of un-updated (if that word exists) blogs and un-commented (again, this word may not exist) on posts from January.

So, I wondered? Have we run out of stories to tell? Are we nolonger into blogging as a Ugandan community? Or we’re just a lazy bunch struck by the Goliath of all writer’s blocks? (I raise my hand on that, the last one I mean!)

I have a couple of stories to tell from my last August post, I can assure you. Did you know that I moved out of my father’s house? I had the monster of all fights with mosquitoes at my new home? That my bank is running a campaign asking me how I have prospered? That I learnt lessons from Bayimba’s art festival? That I turned of legal drinking age in all countries just last Friday? That I fell in love? (awwwww!) That I won a journalism grant? Oh Christ, there are a million and one stories I have to tell but the laziness crept up on me plus it was getting a bit boring to blog!


So what has changed that!

I found Bikozulu’s blog!

This ninja has a well-written blog. Alooo!

Bikozulu, now we all know, was denied a visa to the UK. That wasn’t all, he vowed to deny the UK citizens entry into his home village – ain’t that an adorable move? That’s not all, this guy travelled the entire Kenya with Safaricom and wrote many many blogs! You read and read and admire the photos, the crisp nature and manner in which the blog is written and then feel jealous about not doing half as much for your own country.

Bikozulu Aside, where the heck did all the well-written blogs that were usually shared on the twitter feed on Sunday go? Kwanza, why in the world have we not had a Bloggers Happy Hour in a whole year?

The world is meticulously conspiring against Ugandan blogging but we are not scared, we have fought bigger battles, teargas, taxi touts, Jennifer Musisi, Sebaggala’s English and we are still here so rebirth to all blogging activities.

Then came the challenge….

People can do anything when challenged. Remember the Tanzanians who drank themselves dead at L.Victoria because they had been challenged to an alcohol contest by Ugandans? Well, you get the point, a challenge is a challenge!
So the challenge is to put out seven blogs in seven days this week. Every interested Ugandan blogger is undertaking it and so will I.
Here is my first. Six more are on their way!

Let’s out-blog ourselves!

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