delusional ugandan teen mind

delusional ugandan teen mind

 It’s a heck-log of time unmeasurable no matter the aspect, we have believed, accepted, implemented, assessed and gradually praised each of our problems as a nation. To me, that defines how unreal unity can get, what co-operation we claim to have. It may never have been such a bother but that notwithstanding something big grew out of it. Indeed it was big because in an oligarchy, to get the big guns talking, you must really have a master-minded financially beneficial problem payable in taxpayer’s currency. But however, some of our problems are stage managed and they create such a big fuss no wonder we spend alot in them on just personalities involved, close to half our budget i think( I must say i think because the exact figures are myth in our dear democracy).
Once acclaimed pearl of Africa,(wonder if it still stands), the maiden nation has seen dusks and dawns of illiterate,semi-illiterate, delusional and literate leaders and if you ask many of the citizens to prefer, the illiterate would take the day if it were not to be decided by the ballot because such “things” don’t work in my nation or more like, to be exemplary in simplicity, “porridge in a bar”. The only nation i know of, where a herdsman by “academic” profession would prescribe economic therapy ahead of economists, a P7 leaver treats an unemployed doctor, huge lump sums of money stroll in the oligarchs as the deserved wail in tears on stepped-upon toes(i must confess some of them unheard). As it may take others a new promotion from highly exorbitant service-providers to get a “t-shirt”, it takes “those with their money” a flight to Dubai to get “a one-time use” designer-made shirt, and you still ask what the problem is? or am being too fast?, how about, it takes an ordinary citizen a demonstration to be heard about a pot-holed road alternatively it would take a minister a phone call to get billions to his account for “monitoring government programs” which i thought were the roads but fate proved me 110% wrong. In my country, a road has to come close to a fishing site for “something” to be done about it.
Have you ever produced presidential ballot papers in a mayoral race? if you are still wondering, then you should not question why Uganda is  tourist destination number one……it’s not served on a silver-plate, it’s hard-earned. To have traders closing shops over bank interest rates is not surprising more so when a fellow citizen and “patriot”has a bank neighboring the world bank in Switzerland. By the way before i forget, i heard something like we had discovered oil, did i hear right? Am asking because the right to information in my country has also been eroded. That means we just became rich in avenues not of national wealth but more stage-managed fracas and taxpayers money disappearances. oil for centuries has been partners with division and violence which my country qualifies for before it even drills the first barrel. This explains the co-current grumbling and scuffles amongst nationals for just a share of it.
when we vote M.P’s just like any other democracy you expect representation in the parliament but in my country, an M.P can best be described as one who fights for party positions regardless of their vitality to the people he represents atleast if we had a political dictionary I’d get that one right, but that is not all for M.P’s, you know who a real M.P is when the first session of their sitting they discuss their welfare behind closed doors or request for new cars purportedly to tour their constituency, and you wonder when they were campaigning for votes were they borrowing cars? or those cars they use for bribing voters disappear after a successfully rigged election? oops! am sorry i didn’t tell you  these questions can only be answered after they retreat in kyankwazi please be a little more patient.
Now who tickled the ants? kyankwazi has single handedly decided the future for this country for a long time. The amount spent there in retreats if used for constructing a road we’d have a four way lane in the country. By the way talking of constructing roads, i wonder why we waste money contracting Chinese companies and yet we have engineers graduating from makerere every other year and they are unemployed but pay taxes. Do you still question the problem now?
Every teenager out there however unconcerned they may seem, once in a while sits down and looks to the future atleast once a week, and that time is enough to know that our country is in jeopardy, a few goons have hijacked wealth of many, they have impoverished our grannies, and parents. The same goons have mismanaged and privately run government and eroded even the little historical pride that we had. How do you explain the death of our brothers in Somalia, the July 11th attack? Isn’t it just craving for political domination over African affairs?, there is no practical way you can run an operation in a country’s private affairs. If that’s the reason why not intervene in Nigeria which has been having boko haram for years. How come the organization we are helping has never helped us fight kony?
Okay defeat we have conceded. Back home losers, when we were still kids and we fought over something it was obvious one had to allow and reconcile with the other then after you would share what your parents gave, or take turns but what is wrong with our opposition? how do you fail to get the government to a round-table? it’s clear some selfish interests are vested because if it were a national problem they are fighting it is only logical they sit down with government and plot a way forward rather than skip to demonstrations which have only yielded us economic slump and international taint. it is clear my fellow citizens are fed up of the government but either way they won’t take in any of the opposition unless they  restructure their ambitions and show Ugandans how situations will change if they got into power. sincerely if you can’t bring back a petty 20million then you don’t deserve to even stretch a finger for a ministerial job which has billions of taxpayers’ money. Sincerely where in your logical sense would hooting get a stubborn person to a roundtable, who would prefer running around with militia to sitting in conference room to talk to the one concerned, after all we the taxpayers pay for the tea you are going to take ask parliamentarians.
You know my country has alot of tourist attractions, have you been in a country where the minister of public service has surpassed retirement age?, or have you ever had a minister without portfolio? do you know of a country with a parliament which can’t be accommodated in the parliamentary building?  then you need to come to Uganda. In my country the punishment for corruption is another ministry, have you ever heard of a prime minister who regards honourables as idiots? . This is the only country where people are re-arrested after court has granted them bail, to be more specific, a unit in the army is created just to have them back in jail. The only country where a whole police truck and tear-gas vehicles follow one man as people complain of lack of security in some parts of the country. By the way i forgot to tell you in this country, we train people in our state house to act as witnesses in a case. can you imagine those lessons? a whole year just to say something in court and after you lose the case and still pay compensation as hospitals lack drugs. We even import expired drugs so if you have some don’t throw them away, just walk to national drug authority and sell. You will atleast get enough from the little millions that will be left after “clean-up” has been made.
There are other aspects that qualify us to be tourist destination number one so we actually deserve it, can you have a company running without a contract?.. then in my country we do have, UTODA, it operates without a contract collecting 4500 from each taxi driver everyday or have you ever bought fighter jets in the middle of an economic downfall?
The president boasts of a cabinet of thieves ranging from underpant thieves to mast thieves, and he is proud of them for he can even brag about it in foreign countries like Rwanda. But however the thieves have their own classification in the party and they even  joke amongst themselves like some can’t take mattresses for relief in Bududa, then others steal micro finance money and brag about their degrees from Harvard, and you wonder whether Harvard trained them to be thieves or they specialized in a degree of theft, i don’t think Harvard has any of those seriously? so their papers are just fake (kiwaani).  Speaking of fake papers how many of our legislators have legitimate papers, i mean for those who didn’t understand (talking to m.p’s) papers that are valid now that is another term, okay papers that are not having any queries on them, Ssebagala (minister without portfolio) will classify the word ‘queries’ atleast since his office can as well become ministry of grammar and language articulation,why do we pay them anyway if he can’t classify such minute English?.
Artificial scarcity is another tourist site in Uganda, when a minister has generators to sell, the country would undergo power blackouts and if he had imported sugar at the border, a kilo of sugar will automatically shoot up.For as much as i know things in this nation happen for a reason, wars go on but the reason is undercover. protest we hold but no solutions ever come out, the most results we ever get is the shooting of our babies, brothers and daughters, mothers and fathers. It gets more ashaming that even the shooters themselves are affected by the very problems they shoot protesters for.
Every other time we hear of conferences in Serena, imperial, Sheraton and emerald hotels but you wonder have they ever discussed hoteliers problems at a farm in Nakasongola, then don’t wonder why they always get estimates wrong, non-functional solutions and unthinkable recommendations. It is only sensible that bad weather affecting crops is discussed in an affected farm, farm implements  for hilly areas be discussed at a farm in Bududa and soil fertilizers be talked about at a garden in Karamoja. That way, we shall have real ground researched implementable solutions that are not only workable but as well realistic. These are the very reasons ministers estimate bicycles for L.C’s at 300,000 Uganda shillings and we blame them for corruption but where else would he cheat from since most ministry officials never ride a bicycle, he simply takes advantage of their illiteracy to drown more money to his stomach.
Then there is the issue of teachers, how do you describe someone with a degree, eating kilos of chalk dust everyday, marking thousands of scripts and in the end he gets 100 times less the amount of an unschooled chap who sleeps in every parliamentary session, and demands for new cars every year. That is how you describe the situation of teachers in the country, they educate for an uncertain future whose uncertainty is still because of a few oligarchs that think faster for their stomachs than for the country.
Below are some facts about my country which i picked from a friend who was generous enough to share his opinion with me.
Facts about my country:listen carefully
#1: a president of my country is called a Museveni irrespective of the vote results
#2: walking is prohibited some parts of the country namely Kasangati in the state house constitution drafted by police chief..
#3: contracts are awarded to only those who cant perform and they must be vetted from the prime ministers office after trillions of money are deposited in his account
#4: roads must have potholes big enough to accommodate a fish farm for surveys into working on it are done
#5: taxation in  is carried out by the respective ministry for example oil by the energy ministry
#6: for one to become a minister, you must have a credible corruption c.v and sufficient misuse of office however your tribe also matters
#7: resigning is not part of the my country’s political language dictionary and however attempts is punished with another office where taxpayers money can be swindled best
#8: the economy of Uganda according to the president of Uganda expands growth when inflation hits 30%
Now after reading this you may as well realize that i have to spend a few nights in Luzira for mentioning these facts and probably the book will be banned thank God you have a copy of it but however telling people the truth has never been criminal not even in heaven.
Talking of heaven, we have a wide range of pastors in this country unregulated they are easily accessible more than ATM’s you can find them on the street, in the market, in taxi-parks and even churches. This means that it’s more of business than prayer purposes, they defraud and con people of their money and you wonder what happened to the police of Uganda and their concoction of laws, i mean if they can create a house-arrest, black-mamba and walking laws then they can create an easier one for pastors rather than go through parliament money is eaten then the law is shelved. It’s quite easier with the police or alternatively if you need a faster solution, tell Besigye to start a preach campaign and be sure by dawn all pastors will be registered and phased off the streets that’s an easier route infact the best to take as of now.
Then am sure each of us has been to school regardless of free education  and if you have never you belong to the category am talking about. How do you have a school registered in the ministry of education and it doesn’t exist, with all the “supervisions” the ministry claims to make, it still gives money to these schools and on top of the ghost schools, we have the category of ghost students registered by their headmasters yet they don’t exist. Then you go to the police, the custodians of the law themselves fail to see ghosts in their department and you expect them to investigate the rest of the institutions? This serves to inform the uneducated that a ghost studied on their school fees then the unemployed that someone is earning salary meant for them. Just like any other citizen you would prefer to sue them but where the heck do you think you are going?, in my country, the courts determine cases on how smiling your pocket can get and technical-know-how. This means that even when am in prison for my truthfulness and mind of thought, i may never get a fair trial and i hope the judge trying me reads this.
One out of two taxis in my country are in good mechanical condition if not none! on top of poor mechanical condition, they are driven by the world’s worst drivers i have seen atleast, they rarely respect driving rules and they have no idea how dangerous they are and have been to the other drivers. That’s not all to them, they have a track record of varying transport fares as though we don’t have a fare regulator in the country, and it all points back to the same person, government. Surprisingly, government doesn’t even have a clue as to how many they are, that means that some of them are not even qualified drivers.
Then after that string of political and social problems you have seen above, you would expect the ‘messiah’ to be political parties but these are the most rotten organizations in the country, they can’t agree even if you gave them a white shirt to prove it’s colour and yet these are the organizations that claim to fight for the ordinary Ugandan, in as much as we appreciate the little they do to help citizens, they also need to be mindful about educating us about what is right rather than search for political capital yet they are riding on illegal basis of demand.
One thing i know about my fellow teenagers is that they don’t know much about politics or they probably have not been on the political scene for long but they have been there long enough to know things ain’t right and need correcting which must be now. Once in a while wonder (i mean parents) why your kids don’t watch news, don’t inquire about national matters, don’t surf the internet for nationally developmental matters, it’s because as a parent you have not played your part in telling your son/daughter that the nation’s future lies in their hands. Sincerely a child is born with nothing on his brain and parents contribute 80% to what he has by 18 years. Who is to blame for their lack of patriotism conscience? in as much as government has not played their part, we have also neglected our duties. The state is not run by gov’t alone, and in any case we are the gov’t. In a democracy, the people are the gov’t. They decide who to rule them, who to blame and who to excuse. This gives them upperhand to decide their future, that means that the following equation puts citizens as to blame for the state of affairs in the country. Lets try simple math;-
My country = a democratic nation (republic)
chief of democracy = people (citizens)
people elect a government…..
Nation’s problems currently = government
Government appointing authority= president
president’s appointee= citizens.
With the little evaluation, it is clear that we the citizens have abandoned our first priority the nation and opted for petty things like cash and t-shirts to give away our most praised asset, ‘our vote’. We have turned to shifting blame and gradually forgotten that the nation is relying on us for it’s prosperity. Great nations are not built by their scale of arms but rather the focus of it’s citizens. In nations like China, people work 18 hours a day while in Uganda we work at most 8 hours and demand to be at the same footing with these nations whose citizens have invested alot in their country’s future. Development doesn’t come overnight, it doesn’t show up when we keep feuding with each other day-in-day-out, it doesn’t come if you are not ready to sacrifice for one another, it doesn’t come if we keep pointing fingers at who-should-have-done-what but rather starts when we reconcile our differences and re-focus ambitions, it comes when a citizen stretches out a hand to another no matter what pain he has put you through and a credible development plan is drawn where all views are respected and upheld. Let’s put the past behind us, stop the bragging about who fired the most bullets in the liberation war and focus on how to improve the livelihoods of the ordinary Ugandan, the Ugandan that has not seen a black-board, the Ugandan who travels cross-district to get water, the Ugandan who has graduated but has not yet found a job, the Ugandan whose next meal is not assured, the Ugandan who has not got any medi-care for his ailments, the Ugandan who suffers domestic violence everyday and night of her life, lets offer opportunities for the Ugandan with brilliant ideas, let us educate needs and not possibilities and careers, let us be the guiding hand to our youth, let us be the ones to respect human rights and civil liberties,
Expectancy has killed alot of African states, we expect from where we didn’t invest, you can’t expect chicken in an oven if you didn’t put it there! just like you can’t expect a baby if you are not pregnant.First is an initiative that gradually advances to an action plan that is discussed then implementation takes course and evaluation and benefits are drawn from the project.
When we sideline the youth, we simply imply that we shall be in power for long, the future lies in them and they shall be the ones to step in our shoes when we are gone.
You don’t expect a president to become a dictator but when he holds all those powers why not? the president appoints the judiciary, the electoral commission, public service, the executive, he appoints the police chief and commands the national army while the vice-president has simply become ceremonial, this kind of power even if given to the arch-bishop, would make him a dictator! That’s the simple explanation that our colonizers have a queen and a prime minister in their country which we didn’t find worth copying yet it is helpful to our situation as a nation that is contesting for democracy.
The virtues which guide democracy are clear, you can’t claim to have democracy when there are no freedoms, when access to information is restricted, when the media is threatened and information edited your way, for your reading pleasure. Oppressive governments’ downfall is quite inevitable and predictable  but however the type of their downfall leaves alot to be desired and hurting to African pride. When you look at the downfall of our Libyan counterpart and the treatment his body got yet he had always fought for the interest of Africans it strikes deeper than mere death. If a gov’t which offers free social services and free education can fall then one which swindles money and denies people their civil liberties can certainly not survive the wrath. Each body has their own casket size and after death you can’t deny the fact that you have to fit in it no matter how hard you had resisted it.
Democracy and imperialism have of late been the greatest undertakers of African gov’ts like Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and if that is not enough example for other gov’ts then am afraid we have to face the tests as a nation.
The use of violence is not to the intent of quelling protests or fighting riots but rather fear of consequent downfall which is more clear than water’s colour. The purchase of jet fighters, teargas, bullets and heavy police gear can only be explained as fear and strong attachment to a public office that one thinks he can’t do without. Who told him that the office is permanent anyway? If you want to be a permanent leader, then go to your kingdom and become king or alternatively create an empire then you will rule for a life and death time. Sometimes you get the feeling that the nation is up to them, whatever they do is theirs not my own, but in the end it affects all of us as a nation, as citizens and as humans. If someone eats money meant for a drainage pipe in Bwaise, then you are the one to wake up with the floods everyday.
Today my emotions could not be let back when i met a woman at the ntinda stage heading to town, she had only 600 shillings in 50 coins and she wanted to board up to bukoto then she walks the rest of her journey to town. This is what Ugandans go through, Mr. President as you get billions for your state house. Teachers are forced to join promotions and dance infront of  crowds where some of their pupils are, just to get a t-shirt to put on for the next term while you refuse to increase their salary. Doctors have resorted to borrowing loans worth four months salary to take their children to school or just a term and starve the rest of the days as you budget for buying 1.7 trillion jets, traffic policemen who spend their whole day on the streets directing cars have resorted to eating a meal a day which they get as a bribe from a driver and they spend their nights in filthy leaking iron-made huts while you spend billions in organizing a one-day  event to celebrate a liberation struggle whose importance and virtues have been shuttered by your inconsiderate bunch of lumpens.
Did you fight to liberate us of our freedom? or you fought to liberate us from our money? Do you even ever think of the number of Ugandans who spend hungry nights? or those that die in the hospitals for lack of treatment? Then you would not even think of spending a penny on useless things.
Ever think about those that spend nights in torture houses, dilapidated prisons and patched military houses? think of the Ugandans that have leaking roofs, think of Ugandans whose jobs are not secure, think of those Ugandans who casts their ballots that you rig, think of those Ugandans whom you have given empty promises and they have voted you every single election. the war veterans, the party loyalists, the people you have shot and the citizens at large. What became of the 10 point programme? did it get eaten by a rat in the statehouse?
Just before i could finish writing the book, komakech (agaba’s bodyguard) has just shot two dead and scores injured in an eviction exercise. This is the lawlessness we have to live with everyday in my country, plain-clothed gunmen are everywhere in the city. From Gilbert Arinaitwe to Komakech, who knows, another might be around the corner.
It’s time to wake up and re-structure our visions as a nation, we need to have alot more vigour to match the standards of middle-income economies if we at all think we shall get there. This whole idea of fighting consequences and not causes puts us at a disadvantage and a subsequent lapse in development. Corruption, misuse of power, poverty and unemployment are all consequences and their causes are well known. It doesn’t count to fight them but it would work miracles if we established the causes and draft resolutions with action plans that are definite in time and realistic in stature to have these problems sorted out. If two hens want to sip water poured on the ground, they do not start by fighting each other otherwise the water will drain in the ground and dry in the due course of fighting.
For once, lets swallow our pride and accept we lost it and we are to blame for the subsequent problems affecting the country. We forgot so fast that independence was hard-earned not served on a silverplate. Unlike other nations, we were not born with a silverspoon in our mouths, we attained independence amidst a pile of problems which are too complex to explain since some have never been solved to date. Our problems are way beyond museveni. We have never seen true democracy, we have even never changed presidents democratically.
That is a sign of unrest every time we head out to vote. We may also have never had an election, considering the stakes, where a participant appoints the middle party (electoral commission) and also  appoints his annointer (chief judge), then the power belongs to him and not the people which can only qualify this country as a single-handedly ruled nation or better yet a dictatorial regime with a few freedoms in it. So we have never had an election!
That notwithstanding however, we have also never had a credible opposition worth giving a vote. When you draft a manifesto from Britain or southafrica and bring it to Uganda, you don’t deserve my vote, when you want to govern me according to what you have seen in other countries, then you don’t deserve my vote. Those other countries you have got ideologies from also sat down and revised their problems then came out with the strategy you are bringing and you as an opposition have failed to see that. You as an opposition are avoiding what those other parties you have copied from did! They talked to their people and got the problems affecting them.
They didn’t start protests without knowing what the people had to say. They didn’t sit in offices till election time to  start campaigning, they didn’t fly out of their countries after elections and came back towards elections. They carried the cross for the people. They became one with the people and that is why they don’t lose touch with them when they are in power.
Simple excitement doesn’t guarantee a vote. A vote is a mandate for a long time, a chance to influence the future of a nation, to make decisions that bind the country’s economic, political and social future. It doesn’t count to give our vote for a t-shirt which will get torn in probably a few months. When you do that you have sacrificed your sons education, your daughters health, your cousins security and the citizens future. Your vote is not only yours, it’s for the whole nation at large. Your vote determines what kind of citizen you are and what kind of nation we shall be.
Let us develop a culture of educating needs and not formality. If the nations main concern is infrastructural development, then many engineers should be taught on infrastructure for Uganda. If you are wise enough you must have realized how we hit two birds with a single stone. We have educated a future citizen and employed him as well. Not forgetting we have developed the nation. These simple ideologies are what have developed nations, they are the same ones that determine policies in more developed nations. They take time to study their situations rather than adopt strategies because other countries have used them before.
The whole idea of implementation without a plan should be stopped in this nation. You don’t send children to school then after start looking for money to build them a classroom and find them scholastic materials.  How on earth do you give out districts like you are donating sweets to starved kids. Without even enough funding for the current ones and you give more like the money is too much in the coffers?
The whole idea of ruling a nation is to help the citizens make decisions and develop themselves and not feeling the supreme god of the land like its a monarchy somewhere in the amazon with wild animals.
Beyond the fact of being citizens and inhabitants as well, alot has to come from us beside the usual government work.
Government will not light a lamp in your house for your kid to study, it can only provide the mechanisms which the parent has to build from. Government will not give you a microphone to tell your people that a clean environment is the way to go.
Our own betray us, they pretend to fight for us but sincerely on your first day in parliament,when the country is in a deep economic crisis you discuss your welfare and lock out media? you are not satisfied with the 15 million you get yet our teachers get a paltry 200,000shs.? better yet some of you don’t even contribute to the debates sometimes you even don’t talk till the parliament closes for 5 years or wait for a caucus to give you what to say.
This disappointment of a teenager can not exceed that of a grown up so i hope by now you know how others feel about you presumed ‘legislators’. My MP’s two throughout my life have not contributed much to my constituency save for blocking development. One of them was refusing the idea of developing a university and then when another one preached to us the wave of change the next time we heard from him he was selling our land to investors minus any contribution in parliament. Surprisingly, in my constituency we vote 120% for NRM out of 100%. I can confess that even kids as young as 6years of age vote at the polling station right infront of my home. I even video-taped vote rigging where people were voting for those missing on the register.
MP’s are back at it again, they just received 103 million for new cars when our teachers are still wailing for  salary increment.
When do MP’s ever think? while you spend 103 million worth in cash for cars, the teacher teaching your son is underpaid yet he eats kilos of chalk dust everyday, while you buy cars, the doctor treating your parents on the village lacks medication to administer to your parent he may as well put him on a soda bottle we’ve seen that happen before in this country it’s not news, as you buy cars remember the road to your district is not worked upon so the car may probably fail to reach your home. Remember the promises you made to the people. Some of you should not even take that money! for example some districts have no secondary school and you want to drive a 103 million car! sober up. some of your constituencies have no piped water ad people travel miles to get it and you even have no shame of driving a 103 million vehicle. There are those of you driving 250 million Benz cars but the road to kamuli is as ashaming as the car you drive on it.
There is this idea of the president giving out things like roads and hospitals, my question is does he sell his cows to provide the money for those projects or he uses your own money to get the projects moving? that means he has not given you but rather used your money. So please spare us the titty-gritty talk of he has donated to our districts atleast not mine!
when you focus further in the real concepts of Ugandan politics, you may unearth that we as a country have had a handful of politicians and a mind boggling hell of trick stars and political tourists and spectators. The idea of politics should be left for those that understand political climate, read the political barometer and determine the scope of belief of the people in what they do rather than force people to believe in you using money and guns.
My whole life has never believed in violence as a way of communication, it’s rather a way of destruction and tackling new wounds which may not or better yet never be healed which sounds dangerous to society. The whole idea of presidency should not tear this country down, it should not kill the future of bright and young kids still in school, it should not frustrate the economy and cause spiral increase in unemployment, it should not draw parallels between this nation , our forefathers didn’t think like that 50 years ago
The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppose.” – Frederick Douglass
Change as defined by wikipedia as the process of becoming different. Becoming different in this country doesn’t solely lie on the change of governance but attitude towards the nation and positivity in our beliefs. A belief in having that one sensational kid in the north of this country talk the same language with a ministers son- good education for equal opportunities.
Lets have each government school have equal opportunities to enhance competition and equal development in all regions.

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