Food, Its Always The Food.

Food, Its Always The Food.

There is a thing about travel and food, its like a DNA connection that whenever you travel, you must try out new food but most importantly, you must eat!

The last time I had food troubles was in the tropics (I’ve always wanted to use that word) of Kabale. We were on a four day photojournalism gig for the UN and like all things UN, we were checked int the best hotel, given the warmest care – except for the Food bit. We waited an hour, two hours, three hours and a couple of minutes in the range of 40 before the food could be brought. By the time it came, I was asleep – Tony, the photographer, was up in the hills smoking on his cigarrettes, the two other guys had veered off into some ancient story telling things.

When the food got to us, we were neither hungry, nor happy with the restaurant management. We resisted. And protested. But ate the food anyway.

On Friday, I found myself bag-packing for Fortportal, Kasese, Bundibugyo and if time allows, Bunagana border post with the Democratic Republic of Congo. This trip is proudly sponsored by a journalism grant I recently won from the wonderful guys at African Centre for Media Excellence where I will be revisiting the Kasese and Bundibugyo attacks to tell the story.

As part of this travel, I got a couple of friends to go with and good cameras to take photos

For example, see what was happening in Mubende at the food stop!
and this too, Jacky (with dreads) taking a photo of Joanne (the one smiling)
and this too, Jacky (with dreads) taking a photo of Joanne (the one smiling)

Back to the point, we reached Fortportal, a little after 5pm and settled in to the town. Then the next thing was a food hunting plan – looks obvious, tikwe?

We went to Sam’s brother’s home. Sam is a friend of mine. A techie, a news junkie, good with his alcohol but also good with this social media thing. Go follow him @samwyri. At the brother’s home – as the plan would later ravel – we were served some nice tea (milk I mean) and cassava – Fortportal is a hospitable town.

After the polite visit, we ventured into food hunting. Our GPS was activated, we knew which restaurant was located where, what we perhaps didnt know was who would serve us good food!

We settled for Forest Bar – after four different tries. Don’t wonder about the bar bit. Forest Bar, is an all in one collection of entertainment. They have a bar, a restaurant, a discotheque and a lounge!

We sat and made orders and then the wait began. Track after track, the DJ unceasingly made it known to us that his music was a good alternative as we waited for our food. One hour down, and Joanne was tweeting, Benjamin was watching the rooftops, Sam was looking at pool tables and Reuben was chatting up a female. Two hours on and everybody was now frustrated, not like that would worry the management either. Midnight struck and still, no plate off our orders had been served.

When the food finally came, we were tired. Deranged. Sad. Incomplete. Bored. But we still ate it. The serving was fine, the chicken was huge. Half the chicken for a mere 8000 Uganda shillings. (KFC read this please).

So this morning, when we checked into another restaurant, Kanu Na Kali – which literally translates into this and that – we were quick to let them know, the order must come on time. I kid you not the Katogo you are about to see was served in less than two minutes

The plate looks half desecrated, yes! We ate and then remebered we needed photographic evidence of this!

As you read this, we are enroute Kasese to interview some pretty tough sources. I hope the food comes on time, really!

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