First was districts, then Ebola added incentives to the already deranged country and finally to crown the icing gun wielding men punitively shooting dead a suspected robber before making off in ntinda and a police statement comes hours later claiming the dead guy was just injured, I love my country Uganda. we never get any better in inter state comics, we are one unrivaled lot in that.

So I guess we are a perfect destination for  a gun wielding model contest, every part of the country is a potential runway for interested models, M.P’s pull them out to pump attendants, makmots pull them out to residents, plain-clothed goons jump out of taxis holding them like a perfect ki-nigeria screen-cast in bukoto south, days later another points it to a police officer at KCCA and few hours to follow, we just might see people walk freely with them into a discotheque or bank.

So inadvertently. I will declare myself police PRO for a minute and let the guns ramble, kill each other and we see who’s left for me to get my own gun and shoot the fool down as well.

To start with, getting a gun in Uganda is not as hard and neither are the bullets as well. A gun goes for 2 million in someone’s office (the most high in crime prevention) and the bullets are more often than beans in markets north of the country or neighboring S.Sudan. But alternatively, if you need one for a day’s ‘modelling contest’, a walk to  cop with a 200,000 heavy wallet might just give you all you need for the night (uniform inclusive).

So whose at bay in the country? every morning we wake up to news of gunned down people in the city, people robbed at gun-point and yet we still continue to smoothly massage the perpetrators and for some reason the incidences play like a slide screen yet lives continue to slip away. Think about the  continuous lives we lose? someone has to stop this!

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  • see what’s going on in MALI the TOUAREGS conquered the whole Northen area without any resistance from the all time well fed military forces. then came the 23 march movement in Eastern CONGO with a dream of building the TUTSI uganda it can happen since our leaders are more occupied by their contests of who will steal more money from the state before the angry 7citizens cut off their necks .Africa is balancing from elder fears to survival .M7 is getting weak not only by age but cervicaly.Guns will rowh like angry lions in the bush that’s what they call demographic control what aids or kikungunya can’t finish up auto killings by civilians will end the job .we Africans are kids and our cowardness might one day take us back to the slavely days.or end up state-less like’s time that we wake up and hold our matters as adults.
    Akuume abanasi ba UGANDA
    John semwanga – MUGOBANSONGA.

  • john, guns are simply not a museveni thing, it is a joint problem of security agencies, using their jobs as potential trade centers, however unless you wish that we descend to the Mali crisis or worse-still the Somali one, someone needs to wake up the gun holders and license givers in the country.


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