I read in the international media that Rwandan president Paul Kagame could soon join the never -ending list of African leaders on ICC prosecution list, not shocking I say to myself and flip the pages, but with a second look at the story, is the amazing award-winning case of aiding war crimes in the Congo, a myth propagated by the UN, believed by the world and finally adopted by a highly politicized ICC.

Well Rwanda had no option, with a part of it’s populace well filtered into the Congo after genocide, it would be hard for that fighter mass under a failed agreement code-name to kindly settle for less most especially after a successful take-over of power with backing of Uganda, Rwanda and the UN itself.

What most people fail to understand is the point to disengage Rwanda a participant observer in the failed peace deal between the Congo government and  CNDP rebels from the entire fracas, a point the UN has successfully raided with concocted fallacies to incriminate the leader of one of Africa’s fast developing countries.(it had to be an African)

But lets re-examine the Congo conflict in tandem with the Iraq crisis. In the Congo, the UN through MONUSCO has for the past 50 or so years failed to establish peace in the Congo which raises queries over their economic interests in the Congo but that not withstanding in the same vein, they have self-imposed themselves in Iraq killing over a million people in the protracted fight over chemical weapons we eventually never got to see even after the hanging of Saddam Hussein. Is it coincidence then that Kagame is being witch hunted by the ICC a political extension of the UN commended by the security council whose dominion is well traced in America?

So if Kagame is being accused of aiding war crimes in Congo, where then is the evidence, did he donate money to the M23?, show us? if he gave his pyjamas to Bosco Ntaganda then also tell us how it eventually leads to war crimes.

The UN in this case should take blame for war crimes in Congo. For a record number of years not less than 60, they have sat in the congo claiming to find a lasting solution for the country and in those years, the congo has degenerated from public be-heading of African leaders like Lumumba down to a failed state whose resources are plundered by “someone” we are yet to unearth today.

Then in the concept of priorities, I’d have expected Bush to be counting his days to the hanging day, for aiding war crimes in Iraq, he only got away with international praise for fighting terrorism whose sources we are yet to also understand.

So African leaders should revise their agreements with the ICC, yes we have our waeknesses like presidents whose power hunger lives on to their destiny, but as well someone is exploiting our weaknesses to plunder resources for improving a failed economy in crisis.

quick thoughts to ponder:

1. A dollar’s strength lies in gold, congo is heavily endowed with gold resources and at this time the dollar’s strength has been failing leading to drop in property worth and hence euro-zone crisis.

2. Kagame is by all acceptable standards among Africa’s most binding leaders whose prowess has smoothened Rwanda’s recovery from genocide, joined it to the EAC and as well aided African unity.

If the ICC cannot prosecute Bush for war crimes in Iraq, then they do not have the mandate to try Kagame in any court for he has no direct participation in the congo conflict but the roots of the M23 fighters can be traced in Rwandan Hutus a point the ICC has adopted as their ground for involving Kagame in this crisis.

It then passes as mere colonialism for even in Taylor’s case, they failed to prove their case with evidence but premised it on paid witnesses, fallacies and delusional theories..

I hope i didn’t write this but they are pushing me to it.

i guess you can all read that!
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