let’s stop hate speech -activists

let’s stop hate speech -activists

Just like any other banana citizen, I long to see the hat go down the pipeline into the sewage tank and finally the stench sprayed off , so I took time off my women’s day rhetoric to listen to the voices that unite the battlers of change at kiira road playgrounds.

I emptied my head of all the cognizant views about the activists that I had accumulated overtime because they would further derail the waning support I had left within me. To be sincere, the only aspect of similarity between me and activists of late is that we have to flush the dictator out but however the mode of change has clearly defected from peaceful means that kickstarted the campaign to battle against the police. This has actually set us ‘kilomiles’ apart something that actually takes the hair off my head. How do you advocate for citizens to beat up police and you claim you are activists? Do you know the hell these police officers go through to acknowledge orders from above? Better yet do you know how much these officers are paid? It’s not going to pay off criminalizing the police for the misdeeds of the few oligarchs that rule them, actually what you are doing is creating divisions amongst the local populace and their sole savior against crime and discrimination something that is likely to cost us lives and the little development we had made in community policing.

Infact if there is any department that needs dire reforms, then the police is among them. Look closely at all police station buildings, they are in poor  condition with stinking and tiny cells for all criminals,  they are being armtwisted by the executive something they would have stood against if they had support of the masses. So we need to reconsider the message of change that we are giving to the people else we stand to have an Egyptian like country after the flushing out of the hat, and spraying the carcass will be a problem that will derail our development longer than expected.

I still hold great esteem for activists but if the message of change continues to be aimed against police, I am afraid that support will wane down smoothly to discrediting ourselves.

“Truth is got by listening to all those willing to speak and analysis not loop-sided view of issues”

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