When my ideas run drier than the senses of our leaders, I normally resort to finding the drafts of my word press that probably didn’t meet my personal editing standards or perhaps my editor would think it evil, or it was overtaken by events.  Well, today is just one of them and this should bore you guys for now.

So apparently, an excited but sick of what-to-do movie maker hit all airwaves because he picked up a boy from northern Uganda with not even one of the most touching of stories about the 20 year old conflict to  make a big fuss out of Kony, personally, rather to make money out of such a dire situation.

I normally don’t encourage such lumpens to make our eulogies sound a joking matter because if you went to northern Uganda, you don’t really need to joke about touching subjects like these ones. Awakening what had died down after long years of re-building the long forgotten region. Thousands of our troops have taken bullets to as far as their spine  for the capture of this single creature hose kaunda suit is more visible to the army than him, billions of constructive shillings have been drowned in fighting this war, much as we haven’t captured Kony, international fame won’t either. It is because of your lousy video that another thousands are now facing the wrath of it’s impact in Congo.

For once think positive of Africa. when one of your movie director dies in our country the whole Africa should not share the blame. Infact not even my country should take blame for a drug user that doesn’t know it’s  prescription.

Now I also normally appreciate the thousands rather billions (but I guess both are right) of dollars you donate to us but together with that you always forget to chip off the dirt that trails them like wheel barrow   sorry Emin Baro. Yeah don’t wonder what his claim to fame is, he molested 40 girls.

Am not beefing but just saying….

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  • u r such good lito boyi proud of u. i wl send u more atticalz but too destination if u wish to add to ur gd ones

  • the pain that even the unborn can’t bare, the heart scars that need only God to heals, the dark and light moment in the northern Uganda then is a memory i will never forget, when i could remember those days we sleeping under the thick dark forest on the crawling snakes, rains with thunders, flashing the thick bushes at night all when running for safety, wishing the night dawn faster yet longer than any other each days that pass by, the bullets that fills the stilness of the dark nite sky, pool of blood for my loves ones in the we hour morning,raiding of our food stuffs by the NRA, and LRA too. .am writing this book guyz


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