For quite sometime, I have paced through the corridors of my fierce yet cowed down mind, to try and ‘perhaps’, justify my lunch as not only one for each scam, filthy being downside town or only for upscale, newsroom journalist whose pay is the amount of wording he can script on a website a month.

Today, I guess i need a press conference with all seemingly good media houses set with all sizes of gadgets, ‘hands on pen-eyes in notebook’ look ready to portray to the world, the country’s sole cheapest meal for a dry-wallet day.

First is not everyone can have this multi-packed round thing flowing of vegetables from each point, as sweet as the other,  the chances it will be a mouthwatering meal largely depends on what tribe the guy making it for you hails from. A far-east national with a reference to ‘muna’ from a region media-smeared as a jigger headquarter is best chef for the meal whose pay changes timely according to the dollar rate  (economy varies with time).

It’s that one good meal better prepared outside hotels, trust you me, you won’t enjoy it in serena or imperial royale, that’s being too upscale, just drop by wandegeya to the no-name stalls and chant a few lusoga slogans to have it well prepared and spiced as well.

Never mind that the tomatoes in it are coated with the full scale dirt from the dusty roads, or that the onions could probably have had a swim in one of the trench channels of the city or that the chef of your meal last washed his hands in a heavy rain downpour all are possibilities but ignore them for the sake of the tasty meal that awaits.

The other classic about rolex is that you need not a plate to enjoy it, just a well crafted polythene bag with enough polychemical to destroy your health for the delicacy.

Well for my white friends, rolex is not the ultra-expensive watch your whole family lineage wealth can’t afford or rather that gadget black musicians, call them rappers, duplicate in their music videos and you window shop at windsor street or name the place. In Africa, rather Uganda, rolex is a traditional spiced up egg bound to a chapati by heat, with tomatoes, cabagge and carrots plunged deep in there.

Goes for less than a dollar don’t worry!

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