Letter To The Busy President

Letter To The Busy President

Dear President, if I may address you that way,

You are a very busy man, extremely busy. So I will make this letter as short as possible without rubble-rousing with the history of letter writing and its essence in Uganda’s culture, I will spare you those details, though you don’t, for me.

I can’t help but appreciate how hard it is to be briefed on the internal mishap on your key vision a few months to the election. How people cannot fathom that signing a law that gets people calling your switchboard every minute is simply beyond me!

You can, if you wish, stay back at your country ranch in Rwakitura and monitor the progress of your cows but the burden you have to go through being driven at terrific speeds in 25-car or so convoys, is the reason you are the only visionary –No debate about that.

People don’t get it but I am aware you spend sleepless nights plotting political programmes, calling your military chiefs to brief you on national security and at times you have to take public HIV tests to prove to Ugandans that blood testing is a good thing.

You know these people are just not serious, you can’t be able to launch a market, then a road, then a water pump, then sail on a river standing with no life-jacket and remain as strong and committed to the vision as you have been.

The amount of time you take dealing with errant politicians like Besigye and Lukwago and then noisy army men like Sejusa – Why don’t you retire that man by the way? – is simply too much and hectic to say the least.

After all that, you have to be in the studio working on your rap album, which is one song down. Part time rapping is actually a hard gig, I tell you. Then you proceed to lecture people on the history of NRA and sometimes, the world. These non-reading people also!

Your life is already too busy and just when you think you should be resting, the Kazindas set in with their huge corruption scandals. I hear you also make some calls to judges to lecture them on the future of the country when they have important judgements to make. This is a hectic errand. You need some rest.  

Everything is stress, stress, stress! You become tired, your vision gets blurry but you choose to soldier on.

I have a suggestion though, one that will free up your entire schedule.

Recently, you, together with the caucus suggested and went ahead to implement a decision to assign the roles of the Secretary General of NRM to a younger turk. This, you said, was a move to free up the Prime Minister’s busy schedule.

Considering you have a busy schedule too can we re-assign the much tougher roles under the Presidency to a younger turk and keep you as Chairman NRM party? It makes lots of sense. That way you will have a stronger foothold on the party and cease being President!

Consider My suggestion!


Citizen Waiting for Change.


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