mother nature please forgive us!

mother nature please forgive us!

As my eyes rose over the crest of the hill,

i saw no sun, I saw no light.

There was barely sight.


I squint my eyes to focus,

i focus harder.



I crawl in the darkness amongst slimy twigs and stone.

Smog now rules the skies.

The sun speaks a forlorn cry…

And this opens my eye!


I see acid rain corroded walls.

Waters once blue now turned black by black gold.

Fruition of words foretold unfold.

Barren dark land where trees once fed,

Nature’s life led…

Now life is dead.


There was once light in these eyes.

There was once milk in her breasts.

We partook then the mind went on to detest,

The lush touch of mother.


The tie generation dropped the toxic bomb of globalization,

In hopes of harmonization and technohumanisation,

Which gently led us through a maze of degradation of life,

In normal picturesque depiction.


The wells once sprung like hot springs,

The trees once swayed in cool wind touch,

We were human beings much.


Seeds sprouted in canopy of green carpet,

Fruits of love succulent,

Hearts calm and fervent…

Can you feel it? Can you see it?

From warm tender loamy soil life bred life,

And life was free of strife.


The waters fell from sky with tingling splashing simple sweet.

As white clouds hovering free,

Ushered sun and man to meet.

Then dance of synchrony in one moment abound…

That was the time, the moment…

When beauty and peace were found!




But we had plans different.

We sold our lives to the cold cranking cry of machine,

The king,

He who breathes out his puffy black soot.


We choose to lose the use of our values.

We wade in the minds muck,

And get trapped in self absorption stuck!

(We are fucked!)


We dig our moral pits deep and fill it with of defeat,

And take it out on the first innocence we meet…

Natures scented feet.


Exploitation is man’s best friend.


The heavens are choked by toxic smoke,

The soils dried and died by synthetic crop.

We see the devastation but will we stop?

Will we cease and start to see,

That when we kill Her heart with our tilian wants…not needs,

We do nothing but smother our own breathe!


Ignorant superior man!

We set our clock for the stop!


When will we awaken to realize the distraction we bring to this ‘global nation’?

When will we rise to the call?

Too many trees they fall, they fall, fall slow,

Clinging to each other as they fall…

Then they let go…

There is no hope after all!


Or is there?

Will you take the mantle?

Will you run towards the resounding bell?

Take charge of an unnatural man that fell?

Clip his wings and cast away his spell?


Will you be steward that ushers in,

New strength as wind?

Will you fight this selfish battle?

And plant in hearts seeds there with in?


This poem is not for you alone.

It is for me too.

Together there is much we can do.

Let’s join hands all as one human,

Cleanse the Earth,

Make her as clean as when time began!!

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