Monday, is it yet? Yes it is? No it is not? Its black Monday fellows!  Black Monday and Monday have one unexciting thin line, that all NGO’s get to go off work and mine does not!  Really! Did I say that!…..no my head is going through fazes of question and answer techniques pardon me if you read many questions that get you wondering!

So the week was a success (past one), the best poetry outfit in town was oozing of revolution talk and yours truly was on stage performing.  What else did you think? , that I was dusting off the shoes of the performers? No way, I was way beyond that! But that aside a lot more is destined to happen here and now!

We shall start with Tooro princess! You are lucky, rather unlucky the delusional teen falls within the confines of the kingdom your brother has swore in connivance with his mother to sell off……*wish you luck*, I overheard/eavesdropped on a conversation that you were getting married perhaps I was right and the papers went on to prove the point but seriously do you think you are getting married? Take random walks in your bedroom pausing once or twice to look at the face in the mirror and convince yourself that you are getting married…..I could give you tips to start with:

–          I bet you can’t even make a burnt omellette the worst I can make on my snoring mornings, so how about you pick up a cuisine guide on how to prepare sandwich dishes and pizza, grilled chicken with tomato pies? Trust me, you won’t feed that chap on kalo (millet) or feerinda (popular meal among the wise ones)

–          Then I was reading through the budget for the wedding ……no comment when you are done wedding, we shall also take to accounting for the tooro funds!

Now onto the much bigger stuff, leave the cat and mouse bickery………..

Suicide attempt turned real!

As boys, we like to think of ourselves as a few of those who like to think! And when we think, we like to think that the people we think for/of think the same way we think…………..pheew! Some good thought structure there! You probably will never understand it till you buy the lantern meet of poets’ anthology!

So this Makerere chap thinks the babe will call him back like in the movies as he takes to the window……after flying halfway, he realizes the chic doesn’t even give a d*** what he thinks he’s doing so in an attempt to make it a greasy movie clip, he lands to the ground frustrated, only this time, in silent mode. The things boys do for girls! There is a thick, yeah! THICK line between love, lust and clear stupidity. Your parent is out there sweating his lungs dry to get you tuition fees and there you are busy flying through windows from the fourth floor to prove you love a girl? Go get your senses back! Arrggghh! But I seriously think we need friends and good friends at that to help curb such!

That aside, almost forgot to mention the chap died! R.I.P!

Onto the big ones!

Today’s’ papers feel like a family report…front page monitor “museveni buys 6bn Mercedes Benz”, FrontPage vision “muhoozi inspects Somali army” I thought we withdrew? So when are our boys coming because someone among them owes me and I need to get him as soon as they touch down.

you see my point is,,……uhmnnn!

Onto the flip-side of events, this first family and running the country like it were a business should get a climax point soon! This lady of yours takes 8 trips to Israel and back in just 9 days someone call her super lady, refined of steel, which flights are that fast? Is there a Boeing jet that I have not yet seen? Or are there now ghost flights? Fill me in you dwanzie before my patience runs out!

Okay lets cut the ranting………happy week peeps!

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  • Haha…. funny one about the family affair…. But meanwhile, dude Princesses… I have not yet confirmed if they can cook, if I find one to marry, will let you know.

    Meanwhile, your thought structure was a dart of sorts….hehe Interesting reading nonetheless.


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