Ever since i was a kid, I always fought for the small marginalized groups to the last drop of my salty liquid excretions. That’s why I largely refuse to grow up because it has negative implications like this one.

not entirely my problem i don’t grow up

so my little pity spirit will this month reward the country’s outstandingly inefficient firms and personalities, they’ve been in the press for all the wrong reasons, the social media has described them with the best of their worst disses but they deserve a bit credit for their inefficiency that’s got you guys jazz a couple of weeks.

This ain’t the type of ceremony you dress to the nines for, just put on a pair of smiling teeth and perhaps a rib session with your doctor tommorrow thats all dressing there’s got to it.


This category had four outstanding nominations chosen after critical analysis from our team of judges, the contestants are…………………sorry i forgot to introduce the emcees either way he’s ssebagala, and co emcee bad black  (bear with us for  the technical language difficulties you might face)


1.Public service pothole

2. 6th street pothole

3. lake victoria…(yes you had right it’s also competing)

4. then finally old taxi park road pothole

The winner chosen from criteria of being the biggest and how much fish collected was largely accepted as the old taxi park pothole. This one can shake your intestines twofold like a lottery and has on average accommodated half of the Kampala floods and is best placed to host the monthly swimming gala…..bigup. pothole.

congs buddy…’s an application letter

The second group up for contest in the inefficiency awards this night is the


Now this had alot  of potential contestants that gave our judges the roughest scape to choose from but eitherway we beat the hustle to the four major contestants…..

1. taxi drivers

since the birth of orange tins that encourage armpit exposure and gross dubbing, these guys have hit snag in all their work making them viable for the slot.


we sincerely don’t know what that abbreviation means but it’s certainly something related to walking and teargas is a close relative as well. #nt much abt this one.


wow, they’d probably have run out of business but they are vying for the country’s most idle people, they’ve always tried to look busy by firing a few canisters, fondling a few boobs but  with no avail, our judges took the decision to add them in this category after we visited them practicing who  salutes the boss best…….


he probably has the longest name amongst his counter parts but that doesn’t translate to the work he does. He’s run out of things to do so fast, he now tries launching every gov’t project, and trying to evoke fights from M.P’s about his car.

The winner is……………………….(hold on…akapapula kaliwa mr..) wabula kati this guy had stolen it kyoka these ugandans..anyway…..congs to MUSAJJA WA KABAKA SEKANDI……………

even “the above” is surprised once in a while how this guy survives..

and now the final prize this weekend and night


This category is for you the readers to choose we cant do everything for you just fwaaaaa..!

Either way well give you the contestants

#1 YK 7ni

He’s the country’s accclaimed political jockey (PJ) from the mpekoni house of PJ’s…….plays the country’s best corruption jams and controls all the other inneficient firms……

ey yo… bling…….
same guy here……………..
ain’t goin nowhere buddy

#2. UMEME………………..

MOST TALKED about firm largely the world’s largest supplier of insufficient electricity also a sworn enemy to the best TV programs. nice qualifications…..

recommended….by our judges….

#3 GOV’T

these guys basically are the country’s most insufficient even if we never went to vote, (but they’d also rig to win this accolade am sure)…..for further reference about their insufficiency contact any opposition party member or any random ugandan on the street you yourself inclusive..

hehehe, feed me brother am starving


I guess am the country’s most insufficient being….i went to the hotel today and burst up with management check here..

this is what i told the waitress…..

before this kid showed up to tell his father how he’d solved all his school problems…..


eh eh eh kale the awards have ended without giving the title winner of the battle of champions…..any way those guys are outstanding in their idleness, you don’t need awards to tell their inefficiencies….

anyway you guys seriously reward me as well

am a musoga so to say
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