Skip Migeera, Always!

Skip Migeera, Always!

On the road to Arua, there’s a small town called Migeera. It Is so inconsequential that the name itself means nothing. (If there is, I wouldn’t want to know).

Okay, besides having a fuel station with pump attendants that add an extra zero to the fuel you’ve asked for, the rest is forgettable or downright regrettable.

I once stopped there to send a story. I’d been covering a campaign rally in Masindi and figured I should be in town before dawn, so after the rally, I rushed off as I edited my TV story and because then, MTN had given me this little thing from Alcatel they call a modem and told me it works at all towns in what they coded as 4G, I took it.

Migeera was that town after Masindi to Kampala. I stopped at it and ordered a cup of milk tea and chapattis – that’s again because they had no food – and started the very easy (or so I thought) task of sending 46 MB’s of data to an email address in Kampala.

20 minutes on, when I noticed they hadn’t brought our tea yet, the thing was buffering at 12%. Migeera, again, had no internet connection to offer.


When the milk got to us, it was as tasteless as the tap water flowing in my house and it probably was more a cup of water than it was milk. I refused it. I didn’t pay for it. My story didn’t send. The town remained as useless to me as it’s name had been written.

I’m so sure its useless that I’m convinced even Mabirizi, the last candidate in our recently concluded polls didn’t campaign here – even if it looked like he’d pick some votes. Or atleast they’d convince him to a tasteless cup of milk that floated at the top with water ‘down there’.

But that’s really not the point, every town in Uganda, should atleast have a hotel with a decent bed to sleep and meals to add.

Last week, while covering the refugee crisis in Uganda, there’s 1.2 million of them here now, I drove to Arua. The journey there is experiential and littered with the beautiful nature Uganda’s upcountry serves up.

To get to Arua, you pass through the inconsequential Migeera town, they have their signpost on the road, you can hardly miss it. If you google them and it will help if you have MTN’s new unlimited data thing, the first links that pop up on youtube are about the budding prostitution in the area.

But back to Arua.

It sits on the border with Uganda and the mineral rich DRC.

It should, by now, be a city but it isn’t, and I’ll tell you why;

  1. It behaves like Migeera town.
  2. They have menus with ‘omullets’ and ‘sand witch’
Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 11.27.12 AM
You cannot be a city with this menu…
  1. The town is fully asleep at 8pm.
  2. Onduparaka is still conceding 7 goals against a city club.



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