The Intellectual Hypocrisy That Is Uganda

The Intellectual Hypocrisy That Is Uganda

This week, in an act championing our customs, the President signed into law two important pieces of legislation – The anti-pornography act and the Anti-homosexuality act.

The anti-pornography law seeks to outlaw any site that publishes pornography and also jail any other person involved or remotely aware of the same. It even establishes a committee that will sit and vet but I won’t get into the details. The anti-homosexuality act proposes up to 14 years in jail for anyone engaged in homosexual acts and many more chivalries.

The reason for the apparent passing of these bills is that the society has morally decayed and we need to step our efforts up in guarding it. Of course that is a well-reasoned argument. The President even makes a greater statement when he is the club-head in restoring morals.

So effective this year, the state will have a nuzzle on who you sleep with, they will decide which site you surf and effectively maintain level discipline and morals in the country. But hold on!

Who or what is this state to tell us about morals? I am not sure, I could be wrong; on what day did our morals permit theft at a grand scale the way the state does it? What would explain in the best possible calculated wording the grand slaying of political opponents into prisons? Aren’t these worth the cud of the state to chew on?

I will tell you what it is, intellectual hypocrisy.

Intellectual hypocrisy is the art or science –whatever you prefer- of arguing to win. Every point you make is right, that even in the face of reason, reason is wrong. It prides itself in the expression of strong opinion with high sounding worded statements followed with authoritative albeit shallow self-confidence.

I have read and avoided -sometimes minimally involved myself-  in  arguments for both pro or anti-gays, not because I have nothing to offer but the ignorance and arrogance expressed by many is simply too much. While some argue it is not cultural, you wonder what culture they are referring to? We have never caucused on one as a country and when we do, it’s normally influenced by tradition. I reckon we have over 50 of those. The intellectual hypocrisy is further seen in the effort to advance arguments for culture when in fact; the contribution to its erosion by us today is overwhelming.

We can’t take out a simple parenting lesson to have our children understand and appreciate which sexuality they should belong to and we are all for a legislation to straighten those that have apparently strayed? We need legislation for our failure to parent? Clap for ourselves Uganda!

Then came the classic aid cut threats by the western world, and more specifically the US secretary of state John Kerry statement. In his view, the bill blatantly violates human rights. Someone pass me the notebook on Guantanamo bay, wiki leaks files and send Edward Snowden a ticket for a white-house conference. Arizona.  The intellectual hypocrisy!

“The supreme end of education is expert discernment in all things” –

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