This month has had a couple of highlights worth documenting and recognizing, to start with yours truly, the deluded Ugandan teen mind added a year to his age, prior to that the banana republic celebrated a 50 year independence with a 14 billion ceremony held at kololo airstrip, then Besigye, the leading opposition party president was arrested (that should not be news anymore) and that’s all ….not so?

Huh! Wait a bit; I almost forgot an important detail, the lumpen I have written two letters to, has purchased a car worth a health Centre IV. Don’t be surprised where he gets the money; they say he owns a cattle farm in Kisozi. I need entrepreneurship lessons from this chap, he gives away land like he owns it in millions of chunks, drives a 25 – vehicle convoy with an accompanying toilet and now he’s driving a 2 billion car, trust me, not even Bill Gates can put up competition against this one.

The car however, is just a highlight in the month of the 50 years of Ugandan independence from the Britons as it is documented at least.

a sample of the heatlh centre IV

Now onto the flipside of events, on a sad note, the Uganda cranes after millions of shillings investments, countless years of expectancy and 90 minutes of spectacular hit and run soccer game, failed to make it to the Africa cup of nations, not that we were not that good or that Zambia our opponents were no match but that the nation is suffering a serious soccer dilemma.

Did you know that the country is running two parallel soccer governing bodies? Don’t get shocked as yet, did you also know that the country has two official leagues running at the same time, that notwithstanding did you also know that the International football federation (FIFA) is aware bit by bit of the unfolding events in the country?

If these are surprises then you need to investigate further on why Uganda is tourist destination number one.

Anyway our boys (the cranes) were outsmarted, and the whole time I sat back wondering what the hell has become of Ugandan soccer? We are undoubtedly East Africa’s best given that we have pounded each of our neighbors goals not less than the second even number, that aside, we are the dumping pit for the CECAFA championship, every time it’s played we either win it or the lose it, save for a few times we have allowed some states to rub the dust off it before we retain it. So what is happening? Are we that cursed that AFCON regards us as drugged teens with sagging pants tailing the road to church? Certainly we need to wake up and that not only requires getting out of our comfort zone but also disbanding all these profit slaying money making goons from our soccer scope.

I won’t name them but the fact that the country’s internal soccer is in a mess then we have to point fingers and in pointing fingers we should spike put all those we regard as non-developmental to our soccer.

Till the next post, lets rant guys as we demand for results, the statement “we shall try again” is a tired expression in Ugandan soccer.

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