Dear Rogers,

It’s been a while since the letter you wrote me gathered some dust for it to be granted a read . The thing is, when I set out to dip my head in this course, you didn’t warn me that reading was to become my full-time job. Answering letters, facebook inboxes and direct messages became a luxury, and a hard one to afford at that!

I can reckon the number of books I read in my primary and secondary schools do not even match a quarter of what I have read in the past three months. My locker, a famed spot for drinks and eats, is now a turnaround capacity library with enough literature to last some primary schools their century’s reading list.

So before you rush me to the death trap of jobs, be ready to sit and listen to these piles of problems you didn’t highlight. Am sure you mastered the art of going round them anyway.

We’ll graduate; am positive and all that other stuff, but dude, how on earth did you manage your way out of this rat hole with those kilograms on you? I have thinned from reading lists, cases, statutes, books, journals and agreements. My jeans no longer fit, besides the fact they look banished from the faculty.

I can barely recall the last time I wrote a good piece. My writing has been sucked as to include herein, aforementioned, aforethought and all those other fantasy words that are meant to make the world out there believe am their good lawyer when they have problems!

My social life has gone on rust too. I can swear, I forgot the route to Iguana (how’s it by the way?) I, at one time, had a favorite TV programme, I also knew a couple of albums and their release dates, I craved the sensation of dubs, I used to set weekend plot.  The above is on the history list of my life. It’s well laid out like an obituary awaiting a coma-laden patient.

Language: This has hurt me the most. I barely do sentence construction without dropping a legal term or one of those Latin maxims, not that I am proving a point but then again, how else can I to master all these words before the semester runs out? How else will I pass the dreaded LDC pre-entry exam to join you in the world of eating g-nuts and black tea for lunch?  The law has put a gun to my head as to coerce me to put it in my daily conversations, fit it in my locker, on my status updates …its more like lice for now!

The rat-race here in the faculty is a perfect one whose discretion you don’t need lenses to see. It’s common for a dumb kid to walk up to you and offer you the wrong notes for a lecture, discussion groups often tell you what they talk about only when they need a detail from you and yeah! The babes too are up for real tight competition!

On that note: I need a car!

Oh by the way about your salary rise, you need prayers! If that’s the same amount am supposed to get after all this drench of difficulties, I could as well quit right here.

Otherwise have you won any cases as yet that will be added to my reading list?

Good time



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