Mr. President, I know you may never read this letter for that reason I labeled it confidential and used my RDC’S address to draw your attention. Don’t mind the stain on the letter because we hit a huge pothole and the cup of coffee i was taking spilled over, anyway it’s not that bad because there was no sugar in the tea after all.

But however Mr. President, I wasn’t able to send it on time because when I had just began typing it, electricity went off, I wonder if it does in the state house but in my country it’s really a problem I hope you get it when your security agents try to contact me and my phone is switched off. Then you will realize that we need electricity as well.

Overtime this sewer in bwaise started stinking so bad that i had to shift to a better place, well i know i shouldn’t be telling you this but when you out rightly control the whole country then i see no use for ministers after all.  Before I left Bwaise every rainy season was a swimming competition you know, and if we really ever lack swimming pools to train our national swimmers remember there are many of them in this place.

Does it suprise you any more to hear that we lose $272 millions annually in just tax incentives? well i don’t think, basing on the cups of coffee you take everyday in office and your sort of insane bill for entertainment in the state house, by the way I heard you blew your budget by 176% more  reason for me to worry about your ‘never running dry wallet’, how do you make all this money from just a farm in kisozi? Give me some entrepreneurial ideas please? When I grow up, I want to be like you, donate a road in kyenjojo then give 20 million to a farmer on the same occasion and proceed to northern Uganda and donate a school, I mean it’s just wow! and i know that presidents can only donate from their personal finances because state money has to be budgeted for. So how much of my money can you account for?

Well last year while I was travelling the burial of a citizen who died because she couldn’t afford medicines, the newspaper I had in the taxi read ‘GOV’T PURCHASES 1.7TRILLION JETS’, crazy I  must admit, Dear sir did you envisage bombing malaria out of our babies with the fighter jets? Do those jets have explosives meant for unemployment among our youth or perhaps it’s one the many raw deals that you were hoodwinked to believe.  You know, if you can be made to believe a dam can produce 250 megawatts, why not believe that jets can bomb malaria, AIDS and nodding disease….hi five Mr president these guys don’t know things…

Well now I learnt that after my 17 years in this education system that it is useless, it only teaches us to wail over our problems, little wonder you maintain a smile through out our problems MR. By now I can assure you there are more tear gas canisters on the streets than the doctors in hospitals congratulations you have achieved it as well.  hoooray….we have an achieving president…let me list some of your achievements:

-for 26 years of service, you have made it to the longest serving president in East and central Africa.

-For your donation of tax incentives to every fool that comes your way, we now lose $272 million annually in tax incentives.

-the above notwithstanding, one out of every 25 women dies during maternal birth despite the fact that we also lose 275billion shillings annually due to poor planning.

-All thanks to you, 83% of our youths are not employed due to the funny education system copied from the britons in 1961 which they themselves abandoned in 1992 and picked up another one which they are now also abandoning.

-Thanks to your  appointments, we lose $300 million annually to corruption, half of this if invested in agriculture, would produce a 34% change in the production capacity of this country providing not less than 2000 jobs alongside it.

-Thanks to your security forces and commands, 45 ‘known’ Ugandans  including a two year old baby have died in uprisings meant to tell you there is a problem somewhere in your administration and you are still arresting more because I just came from  a trial of  a student that wrote a book against your insensitivity..

Well I could have written more but I had to take some time off to cry over these facts then get back, I know you don’t cry over our problems, you are that insensitive.

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