Politics like all other past scenarios, has taken center stage in one of the few breathers that could have finally uplifted the East African region from one of starving kids and war hungry generals to a much more formidable and respected region in the world.

I refuse to let this go unwritten about because, in the future when our grand children are cursing the failures of integration I choose to not be among.

Well being in the media, I watch the cameras and recorders shift from politician to politician, each professing his readiness to boycott or rather compete for the slots never taking burden to mention the essence of their candidature which I guess should be the gist of this whole concept. What annoys me more is that even our fully capacitated and so-called  “big” media houses and personalities never take bother to dig further and unearth the connectivity between the political bickery of these guys and integration of the region which has created the huge gap between the locals and integration.

The thread for the politicians to EALA is more of employment, regime prowess and media attention a percept media is cropping onto that will in turn influence public opinion and finally when integration crumbles we shall shift blame from one to the other.

The EALA for starters, is the East African legislative assembly and not only is it the legislative arm spearheading the integration but also happens to be the only place politicians from the partner states get a meeting of sorts.

Personally I’d have expected highly elite members represent my country, a concept the public would have believed too if it were not for the attention the bickery is getting ahead of the actual values of a legislative arm.

The problems facing East Africa are no further than what we see in our everyday life, kids starving to death, mothers dying during childbirth, poorly facilitated schools, clowns and comedians for policy makers, unemployment, accessibility to resources and opportunities and excessive corruption among others.

These and many more are bound to take a more center stage if integration continues to be about jobs and regime mergers rather than addressing the core issues like immigrations, trade treaty harmonization and tribal and ethnic tolerance. The United states of America one of the world’s model integrations teaches alot more beyond a mere co-operation and joining of borders for integration.

It will not be surprising in my old days to see a region endowed with vast resources and labor potentials still linger in wars and petty unaddressed ethnic clashes over water sources, oil revenues and land wars which could be addressed now if it were not for the clowns masquerading as EALA candidates.

For once, let our politics cow under the armpit and regional development and harmonization take driving seat.

“Choose to hear if you so wish, choose to listen if it’s beneficial after all but choose to act if it casts the future in a maze”- charles dickens

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