The thought of going to university has for a long time been a treasured opinion from all walks of life that any achiever of it regardless the level of achievement is guaranteed minimumly, respect and a prospect of employment for the sharper brains.

However a few incidencies that are occuring overtime aand many times are bound to erode the aspect of belief in university education.

For the brighter side of view, universities provide the lifeline between reputable employment and successful education save for the few of us that utilise our brains efficiently.

But the darker side has now moved on to cloud this aspect, shadowed in the belief that violence marks the point, university students have not only sadly become lumpens but as well a bunch of tin brained, porridge headed fools . I say so because no amount of vocabulary can justify burning of vehicles, destroying classrooms and residential halls yet a solution to the problems is being discussed.

I took bother to pick interest in on of the public universities with sufficient repute and guess what, they were striking because bread was not delivered on time pheeew…..who strikes over bread in this century (only kids below 8 should answer that?). Because of bread and a notice, two university vehicles had to get burnt, 16 students arrested, our expensively imported teargas had to be wasted on these tiny brats, and not forgetting tinned beans for police were reduced in stock to keep the police men at kyambogo happy.

In A4C sense that means, cannisters meant to disperse a riot somewhere in kireka was wasted on kyambogo delinquents…how sad is that…lets wait for police accountability.

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