Where Exactly Do The Cards Lie On Kampala?

Where Exactly Do The Cards Lie On Kampala?

The law says a court order can only be challenged by an appeal to a higher court, the law is also clear that before that appeal can be heard and disposed of, the reigning court order shall be observed to the fullest of its capacity. The attorney general – without a practicing certificate at the moment- begs to disagree with the law and no, he wont do that in a court of law but by the use of state organs at his disposal. This is however only but the law. It is ‘supposed’ (pun intended) to be supreme.

If you have lived in Uganda (politically alert and following) you will notice that the government has a tendency of not respecting or condoning any form of dissent, the law inclusive and where they -Government- can’t do so effectively, they create a law to subdue or make it complex to dissent, for this we have a public order Act, a KCCA act and a string of other actions to show.

Slowly, the inefficiencies of the government start to look normal, sometimes backed by law,  the public starts to adapt to the use of state power – meant for the people of Uganda- to front colloquial, unprecedented and naïve actions against its own people at the expense of its gazetted actions by law.

Even the beating of elected councillors becomes acceptable if it is in supressing dissent on gov't.
Even the beating of elected councillors becomes acceptable if it is in supressing dissent on gov’t.

 It has become common for people to brush off increased police deployment in the city not for any purpose but the movement of one man, it has also become acceptable to have police trucks, vans and mambas close off an individual’s home in what they normally disguise as ‘preventive arrest’. While at it, the real crime in the streets grows, the real criminals are hacking people to death; metal wielding men hit almost ten people each month, bags and phones are snatched every passing minute, shady land deals and conmen continue to walk scot-free and the drug lords expand their distribution network untouched.

The same goes for KCCA, while the state deploys an extensive budget to oust a ceremonial head, the real services lie untouched, floods continue block city roads, schools like Kololo high School (Govt funded, KCCA monitored) have only 5 computers for the final exams matched to over 100 students, the taxi rates are not set, people get cheated every passing day. What am I saying?  Where the government is expected to fully deploy its machinery and force is where it is not!

And whilst all this happens, the absurdity is, our elites continue to justify the state incompetence, “Musisi has developed Kampala”, “The city is clean because of Musisi”, and “we no longer have vendors on the streets”!

What benchmark of development do we set when we have high raise mansions with empty office spaces and hunched slums pocketing our large populace? What benchmark of development do we set when our health centres are devoid of drugs but we fight with expanding a road that can’t be expanded? Of what use is a 600 million fountain in a city where every 8th out of 10 youths is unemployed?  What sense does it make to drive guzzlers of Range Rovers encrypted with customised plates when Nakivubo channel clogs every day?

The real development lies in improving the areas social interaction is held most, this is in social services; hospitals,schools,markets and city hall (if that is even possible) but Government and its organs have chosen to leave that and take in the political fight.

It’s absurd, but we are party to this mess, we live in it, smile at it, scoff at it and somehow continue to embrace it!

"we also have a reason for beatings such as these, its against developmt"
“we also have a reason for beatings such as these, it’s against development”

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