You Want To Talk Youth? Here Are Some Hard Ones!

You Want To Talk Youth? Here Are Some Hard Ones!

Its hard being a youth in this country (Uganda), it’s even harder to think you have a government or leadership or whatever other name people coin to show they care about your problems.

“The youth form 75% of the population…” cut it right there Mr. politician at 75% not more than 5% own a chunk of land, no form of wealth creation program is available for them and what does the government have to say about it? “The youth are our future” keep your future to yourself, grant us ours!

“83% of the youth are unemployed”   Slow clap for you Mr. Politician we are lucky to make that statistic in your speech, so you think it’s funny? Go ahead and make it your campaign slogan! That means that for every 10 young people you meet today eight have no job and the other two are somewhere cleaning the boss’ shoes for peanut pay. Remind me what the politicians are doing about it? Oh yeah! They are passing bills to regulate the freedom of association, discussing whether people should put on mini-skirts, telling us of how their cattle suffered 100 ticks and others are making foreign trips to attend conferences on youth unemployment to get the per diem and swernce around leisure places! Wake up!

“Now you see what we have to do for our youth is to capacity build…” what does that even mean? Capacity- build what? Build our capacity to be better unemployed youths?  “After we capacity-build, we then need to mainstream their problems” Huh? Mainstream to where? To the state house that is purchasing jet fighters? Or to the parliament that is driving guzzlers and discussing bills on age increment. That is plain, empty talk folding sleeves begins with accepting we are in a crisis right now!

“But you see the youth are not entrepreneurial enough” oh yeah I see, they need to start businesses in an economy that kills 6 of every 10 businesses before their first birthday, I hear you, these youths here need to start businesses in the country where the president is offering investment incentives to foreigners and guess what they are investing in? PANCAKES!! Slow clap our leaders; y’all are one big silly bunch!

“The youth are looking for white collar jobs and shunning agriculture” Uhhmmnn, Dear God, did you finally get around to allowing us plant crops and rear animals in space? Certainly our leaders think so. In this Uganda where people are killing each other over land, our government/leaders think the youth own vast pieces of land on which to plant crops that is if we even have any!

Oh yeah, so a few of us have the land, where are the seeds? “NAADS, it is the government again” at NAADS the bureaucracy of getting the seeds aside, the chances you will get the right seeds to plant in your garden will be as slim and you know what? After filling your fathers land with maize, you will have no market for it, thank you our leaders, you indeed are a bright bunch of individuals.

I see you now rumbling, “But you are always blaming leaders, leaders, leaders… what do you ever do for yourself?” Remind me again what the job description for leaders is? I certainly don’t remember driving expensive vehicles, attending conferences and waltzing caucus decisions into law as part of the manifesto you pitched for my vote!

“But you youths are engaging in demonstrations, alcohol drinking and drug taking” Really? I thought we were 75% of the population? I don’t remember seeing 24 million people on the kampala streets? I also don’t seem to see a statistic of 24 million beer bottles sold every night? Ah, did it appear somewhere that  24 million of Ugandans are engaged in drugs? That would be the largest percentage of high people in the world in one country!

“Gov’t passed the youth fund 25 billion shillings, I sometimes give you sacks of money worth 250 million” You have a 13 trillion budget and all you can give for 75% of your population is a sack of money and 25 billion shillings? You must be ashamed!! Lets even have a closer look 11.5 billion came from banks and the other from a donor fund! Slow clap again for you our leaders, you make us aspire to be better persons!

Sticking it to your face, leaders suck!!!

No excuse justifies having young people begging in Uganda!

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